fsdafkjhadsklfjhdskf AHHHH GAHHHHH IDK WHAT TO FEEL. like I am so conflicted, I am so happy caroline finally admitted her feelings and they finally got together BUT, what the FUDGE were those promises?! WHY did she make him promise to never come back! He HAS to come back! or will she come to him?! is that his plan?! he said he was going to be her last love! He friggen better! She better realize she wants klaus! or else I CANT! 

I dont event watch TVD anymore it is so lame compared to The Originals, I only tuned in for Klaus & Klaroline. Julie better friggen get the memo that Klaroline is the only good thing they’re doing ! Caroline has to come to Klaus, she has to realize that he is the one she wants! He HAS to be her last love! Was that speech all a bunch of BS than?! UGH And Klaus CANNOT get over her! There is no one else but Klaroline! I am just having so many feelings! Happiness and distress all at once. Stop toying with my emotions Julie & writers, you evil pricks. 

// Done with Revolution//

I spent all this friggen time waiting for Revolution and now I’m done with the show. like WTF. That was the dumbest thing they could have possibly done killing Danny. Of almost all the characters, he had some of the greatest potential. They could have done so much with his character and he was set up with some great potential relationships and story-lines. I was really looking forward to him developing a relationship with Miles, seeing him and Charlie and obviously him and Rachel. This is SO DUMB. like SO DUMB. Not gona lie half of the reason I tuned in was for awesome interactions between Danny & Neville. They spent an entire season getting him back and now they kill him. Just completely retarded writing, I don’t get it. He was a popular character too. Well so much for watching this show. *facepalm*

// Faye Resnick is so irrelevant //

Faye sucks for so many reasons.

1. The fact that she keeps inserting herself in conflict is just her pathetic way of trying to get air time and be relevant on the show. She’s obviously trying to snag a spot on the cast

2. Faye talking about what it means to be a lady?……. LMFAO what a joke. Girl is most famous for her involvement in the OJ Simpson trial, posing in Playboy and marrying various rich men. Not to mention she’s had an extensive history with drug abuse. In short, she’s a ratchet gold digger.

Faye, measuring what it means to be a lady by the number of designer bags one owns is just so stupid, I just can’t.

3. Girl is 60 years old. Act your age Faye.

// Elena SUCKS//

"Genocide is okay if you aren’t around to see the terrible results of your actions!"- ELENA the DUMB betch on TVD.

Seriously WTF is Elena? she is so stupid and seriously the worst character on the show. Why on earth is it okay to kill Kol and thus murder an entire blood line of people because of your personal problems. like that is literally GENOCIDE. isn’t she suppose to be like, moral? someone needs to stake this betch & all the fictitious world of mystic falls will be so much better, i assure you. 

Julie Plec & these writers are sometimes seriously retarded. I literally #FacePalm myself numerous times an episode. Someone just PLEASE make an Originals spin off so I don’t have to deal with the rest of the irrelevant & uninteresting characters and plot lines. 

if only…

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// TVD 4x06 Analysis //

I am TEAM KLAROLINE through and through. and i LOVED every little second we got of them yesterday.


…for the first time, i genuinely LIKE Tyler. I was always impartial to his character, but yesterday i thoroughly LOVED him and Hayley. Not only as a potential couple (cuz i think they’d be great) but as characters. When Tyler yelled at Caroline for her self-serving attitude and her selfish friends and her naive mentality i was SO HAPPY. I loved how he understood the worth of someones life and that its not all about elena. I LOVED that he had promised to look out for his friend and that he felt like he let him down. it shows a lot of character and humanity in him. and i LOVE Hayley for being a fearless HBIC and standing up to Klaus and everyone else yet still being a good person. 

So iv found new found respect for Tyler, Hayley has officially become relevant on my radar but i still LOVE klaroline like always. oh and all the other characters minus the originals are still annoying as frickkkkk. 

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